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HP unveils EliteBook Revolve

By Brandon LeBlanc

I’ve always been a fan of HP’s I have previously used an EliteBook 2740p convertible tablet that I custom ordered from with its specs maxed out back in late The EliteBook 2740p was a true workhorse laptop and great for… Read more

Microsoft Hardware announces Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

By Brandon LeBlanc

Earlier this summer, Microsoft Hardware unveiled new mice and keyboards specifically designed to take advantage of Windows Today, they are announcing another addition to that line-up: the Sculpt Comfort I’m currently using the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard at home with my… Read more

Custom Atari 2600 PC by Hard Drives Northwest

By Gavin Gear

The year was My sister and I had decided to pool our resources and together we saved up enough cash to buy the ultimate gaming console: the Atari We spent many hours playing games on that console, and I can… Read more

OEMs Introduce Innovative New PC Designs for Windows 8

By Nick Parker

Hi, I’m Nick Parker and I lead the OEM Division at Many of our partners are making announcements this week at IFA so it’s a good time to showcase some of the amazing hardware innovation coming to market with Windows… Read more

Windows Upgrade Offer Registration Now Available

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today, registration is officially open for the Windows Upgrade Offer we announced in If you purchase or have purchased an eligible Windows 7 PC anytime between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 you will be able to purchase an… Read more

Live Blogging the Masters with My @HP Pavilion DM1Z

By Kristina Libby

A Windows Champion, Kara Apel is currently the Online Content Editor/Creator at News 12 in Augusta, (). She is also Managing Editor of U Chic (), an online resource for young In her spare time, she cheers for the University… Read more

Vizio Launches New PC Line

By Kristina Libby

Last night Vizio launched their new line of PCs via a hip party at trendy Skylight Studios West in New York The party started out showcasing deconstructed artwork from Gabriel Dishaw, who is a sculptor, junk artist and Gabriel has… Read more