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The Wedding Video…

By Connor Lanman

The next video brings new meaning to the word deadly, although lethal is a more appropriate description of The auditions for this one were We hope you enjoy it too! There’s more to Windows Live Movie Maker than meets the… Read more

The Bitchin’ Wife Reviews Windows Live Writer

By Lisa Worthington

If you’re looking at tools to help you blog easier, smarter, faster, then check out the blog by Amy Windsor of The Bitchin’ Wives Club who is starting a series aimed at reviewing free tools available for Today she kicked… Read more

Double rainbows in Redmond

By Connor Lanman

…as I said, “more to come”. You may have heard of the Double Rainbow The guy who filmed this, Paul “Bear” Vasquez, lives in Yosemite and in the past month has gotten huge traffic for his ‘vivid’ reaction to that… Read more

The world’s most interesting internship… ever

By Connor Lanman

My name is Connor Lanman and I am not claiming I am the most interesting intern ever; and by no means am I working on routers for my 12 week summer internship at I am, however, working on a fairly… Read more

Enjoying the scenery with the HP G62

By Ben Rudolph

I’m sitting here in on my in-laws’ deck overlooking beautiful Lake Evan sleeping by my side, Audrey is down for a nap and the house is otherwise empty, so I thought I’d take my mother-in-law’s HP G62 out for a… Read more