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How to talk to your apps so they will listen

By Paul Comrie

This year, I replaced my previous note-taking app of choice with OneNote and haven't looked What sets it apart for me: I can use Speech, Windows Phone's built-in voice recognition feature, to take notes faster than It's easy to forget… Read more

7 Windows Phone apps for musicians and songwriters

By Andy Myers

Remember when cell phones were pretty much just for making calls? Back then we didn’t expect much In 2001, I remember being completely blown away when a friend of mine figured out how to program a short melody on his… Read more

A better Twitter for Windows Phone arrives

By Michael Stroh

A big new update to the official Twitter app for Windows Phone hit the Store this Download it Version has been significantly redesigned and adds a bunch of great new features, which our friends at Twitter also highlighted today on… Read more

What’s up with WhatsApp? A lot.

By Michael Stroh

WhatsApp, the free and mega-popular cross-platform messaging app, was updated today in the Windows Phone The changes in version include a great new look and handy new For starters, there’s now a lock screen notification option, so you can see… Read more

Bloomberg financial app now available to all Windows Phones

By Michael Stroh

Bloomberg is a big name when it comes to financial info and business smarts, and their free app—formerly a Nokia exclusive—has just been redesigned and made available for all Windows Grab it from the Store using one of links This… Read more

8 hidden Windows Phone 8 settings you’ll actually use

By Michael Stroh

OK, so none of these are technically But I know many people treat the Settings section of their smartphone or PC like terra pericolosa—scary territory worth venturing into only when absolutely If your travels there have been primarily limited to… Read more

How I use SkyDrive on my Windows Phone

By Lisa Stratton

People use Microsoft’s free cloud storage service for all kinds of things—including their documents, OneNote lists, and But for me, SkyDrive is all about Here are three ways I use it with my phone:  First, I use it to automatically… Read more

Now in the Store: KooZac, a popular puzzler

By Michael Stroh

Last month I spotlighted some addictive puzzle games for your Here’s one more for the list: KooZac ($), a popular and award-winning title billed as a mash up of Tetris and Sudoku, just released under the Xbox LIVE banner Try… Read more