A Preview of WinJS 4.0

We are pleased to announce the release preview of The Windows Library for JavaScript 4.0 (WinJS 4.0). In our previous release (WinJS 3.0) we focused on ensuring cross-browser compatibility. With WinJS 4.0, we add features to ensure this library continues to be a great framework not only for making Windows apps, but for the web… Read more

More insight into Windows 10 opportunity for developers

Microsoft made several Windows announcements at WinHEC 2015 in Shenzhen this week that give developers more insight into the Windows 10 opportunity. Terry Myerson talked timing and features, announcing that Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages, and showing Windows Hello for the first time. Windows Hello* enables biometric… Read more

A first look at the Windows 10 universal app platform

Earlier today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I provided developers a first look at the Windows 10 developer platform strategy and universal app platform. I encourage you to tune in to our Build conference in April for the full story. Windows 10 represents the culmination of our platform convergence journey with Windows now running… Read more

Mobile game studio reaches more than 160 million downloads on more platforms with Microsoft Azure; generates $10 million

Paul Baldwin is the CEO at Joybits Game Studio, headquartered in San Francisco. Joybits developed the immensely popular Doodle game series; Doodle games have been downloaded over 160 million times in 150 countries, generating approximately $10 million in revenue. Baldwin says Joybits has succeeded because the gameplay is intellectually stimulating and because the studio has been… Read more

Windows App Studio adds logo and image wizard, improved Facebook and YouTube integration and new themes

Windows App Studio Beta today released its latest update bringing new features including a full-featured logo and image wizard with built in image controls and conversion tools, plus improved Facebook and YouTube DataSources matching their latest API releases. As content providers move toward secure access, Windows App Studio is staying ahead of this curve, continuing to… Read more

Tappsi app helps hail cabs in Bogota

Microsoft cloud and mobile technologies deliver a simple, efficient service for getting a taxi ride in crowded Bogota, Colombia. Sometimes great ideas spring from mundane events. For Juan Salcedo, it started with the hassle of trying to get home on a rainy Friday afternoon. It was pouring that day in Bogota, Colombia—that’s pretty common in… Read more