Inside Windows Platform – Inside Microsoft OCR Libraries

In this episode of Inside Windows Platform, we talked with Ivan Stojiljkovic, the Dev Lead of the OCR team at Microsoft. OCR is acompelling developer scenario which can empower all sorts of useful mobile apps. Microsoft has been developing OCR functionality for its apps for some time now. In order to get real world data, the OCR team first published… Read more

Developer Matthew Carlson’s ‘touchable’ email app relies on Windows 8.1; creates a superior user experience

TouchMail leverages gestures, visuals, and the power of touch in its innovative email app that makes it possible to find and organize email faster than ever before. Co-founder and CEO Matthew Carlson along with CTO / Co-founder Alex Frank built TouchMail for Windows 8 and easily transitioned to 8.1. Their usage data revealed that developing… Read more

Passionate Windows developer, Rudy Huyn, shares how he obtained 15 million downloads

French developer Rudy Huyn is a passionate Microsoft MVP whose apps have been downloaded over 15 million times. He has successfully monetized his apps by engaging and communicating directly with his users. A big fan of Windows Phone, Huyn suggests that his recipe for success is that he cares more about responding to users and… Read more

AllJoyn in Windows 10

Starting today, makers and software developers who have engaged in our Windows Insider program will get their first chance to develop applications that use AllJoyn capability in Windows 10 by downloading the SDK for Windows from the AllSeen Alliance.  You can learn more at the MS Open Tech blog…. Read more

Up to $100 million available to purchase Windows apps, prepare your apps now to take advantage of the opportunity

Traditionally, the holiday season and year-end bring new devices and a significant increase in app downloads. During the holiday period of 2013, Windows Store saw 2.4x more revenue than the Jan-Nov average. We expect to see a similar trend as we begin the 2014 holiday season with the US Thanksgiving holiday on November 27, extending… Read more

Inside Windows Platform: Maximize ad revenue with Windows Ad Mediator Service and Control

As announced last week, the Windows Ad Mediator Service and Control is now available, designed to help developers greatly improve advertising revenue. I sat down with Bernardo Zamora, Director of Business Operations, to discuss how this new service will enable the addition of advertising from a variety of different ad networks to Windows Phone apps…. Read more

How to maximize the impact of Windows ad mediation for Windows Phone

As Todd announced earlier, Windows Store today launched a new ad mediation solution designed to help Windows Phone developers who use in-app advertising to increase their fill rates and revenue. In this post I’d like to provide a bit more detail on the solution and offer some “how to” guidance to help you get started. What is… Read more

Announcing Windows ad mediation – maximize your Windows Phone app ad revenue

In-app advertising represents about one third of all Store revenue generated by developers, second only to the fast-growing in-app purchase monetization model. We’re continually looking for ways to increase in-app advertising performance. One thing we’ve found is that, despite having multiple high-quality advertising SDK choices, no one option provides an optimal fill rate (or eCPM)…. Read more

Inside Windows Platform: Common App Developer Design Considerations

Dave Crawford, an experienced graphic design professional, has spent the last several years driving high quality design into some of the most popular Windows apps. In this episode of Inside Windows Platform, he reviews key themes that he leverages in his work, with actions you can take to  improve the quality of your apps. Resources discussed include: Adobe… Read more

EventDay leverages Microsoft Azure to streamline conferences for organizers and attendees

Successful conferences require immense planning and organization; EventDay, a set of powerful mobile apps, empowers conference organizers to maintain control of the planned program, and operate efficiently while helping attendees manage their schedules, and options. A passionate event planner, Scott Cate founded EventDay on the .NET platform and has since scaled it across platforms and… Read more