Developing Facebook’s Messenger with Visual Studio

Facebook’s Messenger app, a leading mobile app running on Windows Phone, was built using Visual Studio. In this interview just published on Channel 9, Messenger Technical Lead Nick Reynolds shares his team’s experience with developing for the Microsoft platform. Hear how they utilized Visual Studio and its tooling ecosystem to build out Messenger to where it… Read more

Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends – April 2015 Update

This blog is the latest in a recurring series  about recent Store trends across categories, markets, and more. Understanding these trends can help you determine what types of apps to build or where to focus your development efforts. Data from the Windows Store is presented alongside the Windows Phone Store, allowing you to make better decisions… Read more

Cocos2d-x Games for Windows apps in JavaScript. Develop now for a chance to win.

Cocos, an open source, cross-platform game development toolset, can now leverage existing JavaScript to develop Windows apps using Cocos2d-x. Microsoft and the Cocos community forged a partnership in 2013, with MS Open Tech providing Cocos developers with tools and support to build apps for Windows, including universal app support to target both Windows Phone and… Read more

A Preview of WinJS 4.0

We are pleased to announce the release preview of The Windows Library for JavaScript 4.0 (WinJS 4.0). In our previous release (WinJS 3.0) we focused on ensuring cross-browser compatibility. With WinJS 4.0, we add features to ensure this library continues to be a great framework not only for making Windows apps, but for the web… Read more

More insight into Windows 10 opportunity for developers

Microsoft made several Windows announcements at WinHEC 2015 in Shenzhen this week that give developers more insight into the Windows 10 opportunity. Terry Myerson talked timing and features, announcing that Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages, and showing Windows Hello for the first time. Windows Hello* enables biometric… Read more