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August 10, 2009

What did I miss when I was away?

GLOBAL – It’s summer time and the living is easy. As cliched as that might be, we do make it easy for you here on Conversations. Every week our Blogbite rounds up the best of Nokia Conversations and for a three minute investment of your time, you can quickly get up to speed on all that you might have missed whilst you were sunning yourself on the beach. We have an extra treat for you this week, as Dan and Rob from Blogbite have been let loose with the cameras, so we have a bunch of exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps of the boys at work. Ever wondered how Blogbite was put together? No, us neither, but you can still quench your thirst for knowledge by clicking on the gallery below. Meanwhile, onto the Blogbite…

There’s a trend amongst our current polls which seems to be continually sparking debate amongst Conversations readers. Which is fantastic as the latest one “what is the most important feature in a web browsing device” has brought in a ton of comments and feedback (thanks all). Once again the Blogbite boys have picked this up and given it the audio treatment, with their own little spin too.

Dan and Rob also highlighted the Ovi Files coming to Mac story this week, alongside the Ovi app spotlight on I Parked Here before finishing up with Comment of the week – Gravity winner.

This week’s pièce de résistance came in the form of the welcome to our new editor in chief, Phil Schwarzmann. This week’s episode is worth a listen, if only for that. Class.

Check out the gallery below and don’t forget you can tune into Blogbite right here on the site using our built-in audio player. Alternatively you can subscribe to the RSS or hit it up directly in iTunes. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend you add it to your weekly info-digest.

You can also pick up blogbite directly on your S60 device’s Podcasting application. You’ll find it listed in the “Featured” podcast directory inside the Podcasting application.

If you’re already a blogbite regular, let us have some feedback here.