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GLOBAL – In the final part of our series (check out Products and Services) of year end polls, we take a look at applications. The range and variety of apps available for Nokia devices is as broad as it is deep, so narrowing the list down to 10 for you to vote for was tricky in itself. Not as tricky as it was for you to vote, it would seem as not much separated the top three. Still, we have a winner, unlike in Services, so read on to find out the favourites from 2009.

The winner: Gravity (27%)

This isn’t the first poll Gravity has won this year. Back in May we asked you to vote for your favourite S60 Twitter app, and this one took a healthy 43 per cent of the vote. A great interface, addictive usability and some genuinely useful features add up to a winning recipe.

We said: “It’s interface is extremely clear, and it’s tough not to get suckered in by its velvet-smooth transitions and ease of use”

You said: “It was a solid Twitter app to start off with but the Google Reader support, even at this alpha stage, makes it absolutely indispensable” – commented Alex Whiteside

Nokia Photo Browser (21%)

Striking a good balance between fun, useful features and uncomplicated ease of use, Nokia Photo Browser has proved a popular addition to the Symbian arsenal. On touchscreen Nokias in particular, its intuitive simplicity makes browsing through your pics a joy.

We said: “If this is the standard of app now coming out of BetaLabs then we’re in for a real treat this year and beyond”

You said: “I like it a lot, hopefully Nokia will develop this software further and make it your official photo browser” – commented Gregg003

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 (15%)

One of those apps that’s as much about tomorrow as it is about today, Ovi Suite sweeps all previous Nokia software aside and delivers a single PC interface that’s streamlined, user-friendly and perfectly in sync with your device.

We said: “Eventually Ovi Suite will replace all your Nokia software with one simple, elegent yet powerful piece of software that’ll handle all the tasks you’d expect it to for your device”

You said: “Let’s hope that also a linux version is in the pipeline” – commented Pier

So that’s it. 2009 in a number of little nutshells. Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as we did. Here’s looking forward to a cracking year in 2010. Wishing you a happy new year, we will see you on the other side.