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LONDON, United Kingdom – The city was lit up by Nokia Lumia Live last night. 

It was the biggest video-mapping project ever seen.

Sixteen projectors, 800 windows, 200 workmen, 3 D3 servers and an iconic London skyscraper created one unforgettable event.

Want more news on the Nokia Lumia Live event? We’ve got it: See our videos and report of the event.

Who is deadmau5? We’ve got everything you need to know.

Like your deadmau5 music videos? We’ve got five of them.

Watching a video is one thing, having the music on your phone is much more enjoyable. Here’s five deadmau5 tunes from Nokia Music store.

It takes a lot of effort, skill and lights to transform an entire building into a work of 4D projected-art. Luckily, Drive Productions were on the case for the Nokia Lumia Live event. We’ve found several videos of the work they’ve undertaken in the past. Definitely worth a watch.

We also spent some time with CEO of Drive Productions Ben Fender to hear about the challenges when creating such an event.

image credit: PopCultureGeek