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December 8, 2011

Blanca Juti on future devices, the digital divide and dancing

This year’s Nokia World was packed with memorable moments. There was the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710, the unveiling of the Nokia Asha family of mobile phones as well as the demonstration of amazing concepts like the Nokia Kinetic. But one of our biggest highlights was the passionate presentation by Nokia Vice President, Blanca Juti. Not only did we get introduced to some fantastic new devices, but also it was the first time we’d ever seen anyone groovin’ at a mobile phone launch.

This week our very own Mala from Nokia Connects went to meet Blanca in Helsinki. Mala discovered that Blanca has a unique view of the future at Nokia and is very enthusiastic about the potential for future technology. To see for yourself, check out the first in our series of interviews with the original Nokia dancing queen.

So, what surprised you the most about Blanca’s opinions? Was it her thoughts on the future? Her strategy for bridging the digital divide or her revelation about a certain CEO’s disco moves? Let us know below or @NokiaConnects.