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December 10, 2011

Lumia 800 vs. Nokia E7: big fight results!

This week we’ve been asking you to vote for your favourite Nokia phone designs ever and register your vote with us through Twitter.

We asked you to choose over at Nokia_Connects the following handsets: Nokia E6, Lumia 800, E7, C7, Lumia 710, N8, 701 and Asha 303 and whichever phone got the most results progressed to the next round, and then to the final. Simple.

Men Boxing

via kate.gardiner

Four rounds and one semi-final later, the lines are closed and the results are in and ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we can now reveal the winner of our hotly anticipated show down between our two heavy weight finalists – the Nokia E7 and Lumia 800.

It was very close…

Very close indeed…

But, the champagne must go to the Nokia Lumia 800 for a knockout victory, storming to gold in a hard fought contest.

Amidst the furore this has caused, we gather this result won’t have pleased everyone so we thought it only fair to present you with some of the juiciest reasons with which people made their respective choices.

If we rewind to the first rounds, it was the C7 going up against the Lumia 710. We had @CreMindES staunchly defending the C7’s corner, praising it for such:

a sleak, solid, elegant and sophisticated design.”

Whilst @Pulkit076 stood up for the 710 with similar levels of affection for the phone body; a ‘fantastic design‘ he chose to call it.

via allaboutsymbian

Elsewhere we had the 701 and Asha 303 locking horns; the 701 ‘sexy as soap‘ ( although we’d like to see what soap @jonjongoco uses first!) and 303 according to @Hdrules:

unique and beautiful.”

In the other preliminary rounds, we had the Lumia 800 beating the E6 to the semis and the E7 victorious over the N8.

This left a mouth-watering contest to look forward to in the semi-finals, with the Lumia 800 up against the 701 in the first, and the battle of the seven’s taking place in the second, with the E7 and its ‘cool flip, easy to use keys‘ versus the ‘slim and simple master piece‘ that is the C7.

via thenokiablog

As you may have guessed, there can only ever be two finalists in a final though.

Love the metallic finish of E7 and also love to have one such device with windows phone’ said @SirajSoft, whilst @Schawlaf tweeted:

Lumia 800 design anytime, it’s fresh while E7 has gone stale.”

However, many of you couldn’t make any decision between the two (and we don’t blame you)! ‘Now this is tough, i super like the both designs. I will say pass on this question’ said @harwinjohn, choosing to stay out of making such a tricky decision.

Many of you praised the QWERTY keyboard on the E7 but the Lumia 800 sprinted ahead with the compliments in the end, many of you keen to highlight its graceful and sleek appearance.

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Stylish and compact‘ said @vyomashar, and the Lumia 800’s combination of style, design and compatibility seems to be mainly why you chose it to win the whole competition.

So, what do you think of the results? Is the Lumia 800 a worthy champion or would you have preferred to see another handset bag the glory? As always, let us know what you think @Nokia_Connects.