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January 4, 2012

Weekly regional spotlight: Germany

I have plenty of community-generated content for you today – straight out of Germany. Our good friends in Deutschland have been busy compiling some Lumia 800 reviews, creating apps for the Nokia Store and testing out some Nokia Purity Headsets by Monster.

Ah, hopefully a bit of whale song is soothing his headbutting headache! Welcome to our weekly regional spotlight, the post that uses a regional wheel of fortune to select a different Nokia country to talk about each week. If this is the first regional spotlight you have read then please feel free to delve into previous unknowns and take a look at India, the USALebanon/Jordan and the Philippines. Would you like to see your country up for review next? Let us know @Nokia_Connects

Time to check out the Nokia community in Germany, but first, here is a little quiz about Germany (answers at the bottom of this post):

Q1. Which one of these countries does not share a border with Germany?

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark or France?

Q2. Which of these German cities has the largest population?

Hamburg, Munich or Stuttgart

Launch of the Lumia 800

I spotted Albert Hein from mobileliving telling his community about the German launch of the Lumia 800 – he took some great photos and covered everything from phone features and specs to accessories. Everything you need to know about the German Lumia 800 launch is contained in this thorough post.

Next up to examine the Lumia 800 is Anna-Christin from winzieee, she managed to get hold of a Lumia 800 as part of a tester programme aimed at women. Her comprehensive unboxing post was enjoyed by those in the German office. Here is a little summary of the review:

  • She loves the colour
  • Likes that the phone is made from one piece: “no bumps/edges that could get caught somewhere”
  • Explains every button on the phone and looks at accessories from the box
  • Talks about the sleeve that comes included with the phone and notes that a lot of people she showed the phone off to didn’t realise it’s actually in a sleeve: “the sleeve is barely noticeable and fits perfectly”

Anna-Christin also wrote a two part user interface review for the Lumia 800. Here are part one and part two for your viewing pleasure!

Tim from cloudlog tested the Lumia 800 for a month. He compared the Lumia to his iPhone and came up with the following conclusions (we have translated most of the post just in case you can’t speak German):

  • “You either like WindowsPhone 7 or you don’t – I myself can do things quicker on the Lumia than on an iPhone although it took a while to get used to”
  • “After a month of testing it’s really hard for me to give this phone back!”
  • His advice: “use the sleeve that comes with the phone – the metal on the back is the only part of the phone that can show scratches after a while of usage”
  • “The Lumia’s camera leaves a very good impression” but he also thought “it’s missing the front cam for video calls”
  • He used Google Sync to get his contacts on the Lumia: “switching phones was absolutely no problem”

Developer of the Future?

Our next spot was Sebastian, he is a long-term Nokia user and has managed to get his first app published in the Nokia Store! Now, bizarre as it sounds, the app actually generates random election results for Germany’s major political parties. Care to explain your thoughts behind this app to me a bit more Sebastian? Apparently he is working on some ground-breaking app ideas that will hit the Nokia Store very soon. So expect a more globally focused app up next, but if you love German politics why don’t you download this app for free.


How did most you spend New Year’s Day in Germany? Maybe a nice relaxing sleep in bed? Or even a family meal? Well the team at Nokia Germany’s official smartphone blog went out for a not so traditional New Year’s Day walk through the parks of Berlin! Whilst they were there they tested Nokia’s Purity Headset and brought back some nice pics.

Quiz Answers

Q1. Croatia

Q2. Hamburg 1.74m

Did you get it right?