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Plaudits for the Lumia 900

LAS VEGAS, NV, United States – Vegas is a rollercoaster ride at the best of times. Add in a major new device launch and the madness that is four days of CES… well, it’s been a blast.

Of course, the week kicked off with a bang with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900. We knew it was a really strong product, but were absolutely thrilled by the level of attention it got both on blogs and the twittersphere. And on the show floor, of course.

It also lead to awards. It’s won CNet’s “Best of CES” smartphone. The Lumia 900 won a Popular Mechanics editor’s choice award for CES. It got a Popular Science “Product of the Future” award, and is one of LAPTOP magazine’s “Best of CES” finalists.

As we mentioned in the run up to the show, something like 20,000 new products are launched at CES. To receive such a level of recognition in the face of incredibly stiff competition is a great honour.

Our man Kasey Farrar picks up the award

Of course, announcing new products is one thing; actually delivering them to market is another. So we were delighted to be able to say that Nokia Lumia sales have started in the US and also in Canada this week. Showing that these products really offer something new and different, we also unveiled some of the brand new software exclusives that are coming to Lumia phones soon.

Also well worth noting this week was Trevor’s in-depth article on the design story behind the Nokia Lumia 900 and his coverage of the Microsoft press conference, revealing Steve Ballmer’s love for Nokia’s Lumia phones. If audio rocks your socks, then Dan McGrath’s been on sterling form, too, this week in the podcasts: make sure you don’t miss episodes one and two from our man with the golden mic.

Our video team has been as busy as the editorial folks, of course, with exclusive interviews with CEO Stephen Elop and with Nokia USA President Chris Weber keeping them on their toes. But of course, it was their hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 900 that proved a smash hit with smartphone fans – more than half a million views after three days isn’t too shabby, guys – keep it up.

But now it’s time for the team to pack their bags and get back to their various offices across the world: they’ve got a ton of unread emails waiting for them. We hope you enjoyed our coverage. However, CES might be over, but the news never stops. Check back tomorrow for the latest.