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February 7, 2012

Amazing Everyday Challenge: week #4 winner and the FINAL VOTE!

The Amazing Everyday Challenge has almost come to an end! Today is the final day that I will announce a ‘themed’ Amazing winner on Nokia Connects, from here on in y’all have a week to VOTE for your favourite winner across the whole competition. Don’t worry if you can’t remember all of our winning entries, I will remind you about all of the previous winners and ask you all to kindly declare your personal No.1!

via earlmigrino

In the final theme-week I asked you to send in your ‘You Are Amazing‘ photos and video. Like every other week in this competition we received some inspirational entries by the bucket load and we’ve really appreciated all the effort you’ve gone to. But sorry to sound like a broken record every week – there can only be one winner – so let’s move on.

This week’s winner is: Craig Walsh 

Craig managed to illustrate that he was pretty amazing using his Nokia Lumia 800. Goodness gracious great sticks of fire….

via @craigmwalsh

Craig managed to leave the competition smoking in his trails this week. We hope you didn’t burn yourself buddy. Which colour Nokia Purity In-Ear Headset you would like, let us know below or @Nokia_Connects.

The Grand Finale

Time to cast your VOTES. We will have crowned an overall winner for the entire Amazing Everyday Challenge next week. By ‘we’ I actually mean YOU. This will be the first time in this competition that we are placing the final decision into your very capable hands. You may only enter your vote once and you must clearly state who you are voting for.

To help you out I have drawn up your list of options below, complete with Hashtags, but remember you can’t vote underneath this post AND on Twitter, you must do one or the other. Time to recruit some community friends that owe you a favour guys!

Amazing Everyday Challenge Week #1 Winner (VOTE #NokiaJamie)

This entry was by Jamie Haggett. Head here for this winning week and the full story behind this photo….

Amazing Everyday Challenge Week #2 Winner (VOTE #NokiaFayiz)

This entry was by Fayiz Musthafa. Head here for this winning week….

Amazing Everyday Challenge Week #3 Winner (VOTE #NokiaRaghav)

This entry was by Raghav. Head here for this winning week….

Amazing Everyday Challenge Week #4 Winner (VOTE #NokiaCraig)

The second feature of this photo today…why not! This entry was by Craig Walsh. Head RIGHT HERE for this winning week….

You have until midnight on Monday 13th February (London time) to enter your VOTE for the final week of the Amazing Everyday Challenge. Head to Nokia Connects on Wednesday 15th February when I will announce the winner.

Once the competition is complete each winner above will receive a Nokia Purity In-Ear Headset regardless, but the overall winner come next Tuesday will have their photo featured on the global Nokia Facebook page to 7 million plus Nokia fans. Just like we promised in the original post for this competition.

So get voting everyone and thanks for participating up until now!

**Bonus** some of you may have noticed the image at the top entitled ‘Surfin Cowboys’, well we wanted to honour one of the first entries in this competition. We really liked this photo by earlmigrino but unfortunately it didn’t win in the first week. Sorry you didn’t win earlmigrino but we still think you took a really cool photo 🙂