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February 15, 2012

Amazing Everyday Challenge: Winner

Five weeks of the Amazing Everyday Challenge have come to a close. You’ve all been amazing everyday throughout the challenge so I must say a colossal thanks to everyone for taking part and contributing a tonne of photos and videos. 

via Katrien De Mey – this is not the overall winner, we just loved this photo!

This is the end of the road for this competition on Nokia Connects, so far we have awarded Jamie Haggett, Fayiz Musthafa, Raghav and Craig Walsh with a Nokia Purity In-Ear Headset for their great themed photos. We put our four winners up for a community vote last week and the results are now in. You could have voted in the comments section or on Twitter using the hashtags provided in the post. For those of you unaware about this competition I suggest you check out all of the #NokiaChallenge themes for each week:

Amazing Family and Friends

Amazing Journeys

Amazing Hobbies

You Are Amazing

Time to announce the winner. We will be featuring this winning photo on our global Facebook page, so the winner will have millions of people seeing their work. Without further ado…..

The Amazing Everyday Challenge Champion is:

**Jamie Haggett with a Nokia N8**

Arrrr baby Jordan Isabel wins again. Jamie originally walked away with the Amazing Family and Friends award in the first week of the competition. There was a compelling story to accompany the shot, for those of you in the community that are unaware of the story please read on…

‘When my second daughter was born my wife had a Placental abruption which required us to dial 911 in a very scary situation. We were not expecting our daughter that evening so we were not fully prepared. Our cameras were not charged, packed or anything. We rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with my N8 in hand. Jordan Isabel was born a happy girl a couple hours later after some nail biting surgery. We spent an entire week in the hospital with nothing else but my N8 to capture the first week of her life. No other smartphone would have been up to this task and I will be forever grateful for this phone because of that day. Thanks Nokia! This to my entire family was the amazing without question…’

Well done again #NokiaJamie, you were voted No.1 in the community. We will be in touch! Massive thanks to everyone who took part and a special shout out to all the guys who made it to the final.

**Bonus** Here are a few of our favourite entries across the whole competition:

Over to Cristian Trohin from TechMobility.

via TechMobility

Here is some very relaxing poetry from Tonya R Moore (not a photo or video we know, but still a very cool hobby)

via Tonya R Moore

Here is Aran Lall with a special Nokia tune on his guitar:

via toycie1993