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February 22, 2012

Now hear this! Monster Nokia Purity WH-920 Headphones

With so many different choices when it comes to pairing your Nokia with audio accessories these days, it’s always great at Nokia Connects to see another option reviewed.

via symbianworld 

With the Nokia Luna, the Play 360 and Nokia BH-905i’s to choose from already, along come the Monster Nokia Purity headphone family. With over ear options available, the in-ear WH-920’s have a lot to contend with, so do they match up? Steve Litchfield finds out…

“If you have a Symbian smartphone from Nokia’s Nseries then the Monsters represent the best music playback quality I’ve ever heard from a phone”.

Now then, this statement needs to be qualified a little, but it’s a bold one from Steve. He does say that on a phone beginning with N there’s no support for the controls, and that the performance of the headphones is dependent on the audio circuits in the guts of the device. There’s comparisons with earphones provided with devices – most strikingly the Lumia 800-supplied headset – and he notices a ‘startling difference’ in sound quality.

There’s lots of detail to read, and I strongly recommend you do so, and also it’s worth taking a look at the comment stream to see what others have to think. Once you’ve done that, let us know @Nokia_Connects or by leaving me a comment here (I read them, you know).