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March 21, 2012

Weekly Regional Spotlight photography special: Italy

To continue celebrating #NCphotoweek here at Nokia Connects, I thought I’d re-vamp our trusty Weekly Regional Spotlight by shining a light on all the fantastic Nokia photography coming out of my homeland of Italia!

The River Arno in Florence, via Ricky Nava on his N8

It seems the Italians are a trigger-happy lot, and there are a whole swathe of amazing photos to choose from, both on the Nokia Italia Facebook page, and the Nokia Flickr group. Check out this cute photo from De Sario Armando in Turin, for example. Everyone say ‘awwww’!

But I’ve had to narrow down the contenders to my five favourites – no doubt a contentious decision – and I have showcased them all here for your enjoyment. 🙂

1. First up is this stunning photo from Andrea Ferrari, captured on his N8. Who’d have thought the sky could turn that colour?

via Facebook

2. Number two is a classic shot of the leaning tower of Pisa from Bruno Monteleone, also taken with his N8. I love this because the angle of the picture almost seems to make the tower look straight. Go figure!

via Facebook

3. This photo from Francesco Crocitto (also on his N8, I’m sensing a pattern here!) gets my vote as it nicely captures the spirit of Spring – and also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cactus flower before. Simply beautiful.

via Facebook

4. This photo from Cristiano Luchini on his Nokia 6680 is a great example of how you can use different apps and filters to create a really arty image. According to Cristiano’s description, he took this photo “inside a bottle with a bit of water in it”. Make of that what you will…

via Facebook

5. And lastly, I wanted to highlight this spectacular photo from Jon Camacho, taken on his Nokia N97. It looks like the perfect way to while away an evening by the seaside…

via Facebook

What did you think of our #NCphotoweek Regional Spotlight special? Do you have any photos you think we should be showcasing here next? Then keep them coming @Nokia_Connects!

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