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April 6, 2012

Top 5 comments on Nokia Connects this week

There are 2.1 billion internet users worldwide, and every single one of them has an opinion. Fortunately, here at Nokia Connects, we’re lucky to have a fantastic bunch of readers who love to share theirs. And we love to read them. This week you’ve dazzled us with your insights on everything from the wonders of predictive text to the world’s best mobile speaker. Here’s five comments that impressed us the most.

The 5 top comments on Nokia Connects this week

No, you’re not seeing double. For the first time ever, we have a top comment from a comment on our last top comments. If trying to grasp that gives you a headache, join the club! Laura Sykes shares her thoughts about the amazing picture taken on the world’s best camera smartphone, the Nokia 808 PureView, in a way that says it all.

The photograph of the man hanging off a mountain is so memorable that it is difficult to concentrate on any text after that. A picture is worth a thousand words, in other words!


The Big Debate: Predictive text

Love it or hate it, predictive text has changed the way we use our phones to communicate. This week on the big debate we asked what you thought of this divisive technology. Kevin J Mackey (KjM) made a great point about a variant we love.

Predictive text: no

I used to use word suggestions a lot but now I’m using the swype keyboard on my N9 and, while I look at the suggestions sometimes, most of the time what I want is what’s already there in the text box. Swype does a very good job.


Why the Nokia Play 360 might just be the best mobile speaker ever

A bold claim, we know. But after owning it for six months, and then having it win the world’s most prestigious industrial design award, the Red Dot, we made it anyway. And it turns out we weren’t alone in our opinion. In fact, loads of you said the same, but Shakatus nailed it perfectly.

Greatest mobile entertainment gadget ever! I’ve gat 2 of them in use since last christmas – and I can say, that the Nokia Play 360 is much greater, than I expect them to be! Very powerful sound from out of a very powerful device, ultra-mobile and cool! The are with me every time and fill hotel rooms, my kitchen or my bathroom. I don’t need another music system around me any more. I would never want to live without my nokia play 360 (and my Nokia N9 …


The A-Z of typing

Most of us do it every day, but how often do we sit down and think about the history of those buttons and keys we spend so much time using? So in the spirit of learning something new, we shared our short history of typing with you. The post prompted an impassionate response from Roth, which we thought warranted a top comment spot.

I think it’s time you guys bring back the QWERTY keyboard. Remember all the past innovations you made. Embrace them and wear them proudly. In fact, I think there should be a QWERTY and non-QWERTY version to every new Nseries model, even if it has to sacrifice certain design decisions. At least have a poll up once in a while about design so you know what features are more important to your consumers.


Are you smarter than your smartphone? It’s test time…

This week, we asked ourselves whether the Nokia Lumia 800 was actually smarter than us. To help us decide we tried to think of all the things our phone can do much better than us. Perhaps predictably, the result was a little worrying. Victor summed up why perfectly.

Love this article. So true how we’ve become so dependent on our smartphones, that everyday tasks have become a struggle without our phone by our sides.

Other smartphone uses:
• Calculator: using it to show discounts off merchandise.
• Conversion: match metrics to feet and so forth.
• Jot down notes when no pen or paper is around.

Some fantastic thoughts, we’re sure you’ll agree. But if you don’t or if you’ve got an opinion on any of the stories or comments here, drop us a line here or @Nokia_Connects and, who knows, next week you might join Laura Sykes, Kevin J Mackey (KjM), Shakatus, Roth, and Victor as one of the lauded top Nokia Connects commentators.