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June 3, 2012

5 cool things that happened in May

The end of the month has already been and gone. Welcome to the start of June! I’m conscious that before we start enjoying the wonders of this new month though, that it would be rude not to cast our eyes back over May, to re-visit and pay respect to the five cool things that happened on Nokia Connects last month. Here’s a clue, #MusicWeek is definitely one of them. 

via RizzleKicks

1. Nokia Pool Party with Above & Beyond

I have to kick us off with this musical wonder. Some of you may have heard about the Nokia Pool Party at the Music Matters conference this month in Singapore thanks to some lovely blogging and tweeting by members of our community.

Well we were responsible for bringing together some of these awesome community members and the DJ act Above & Beyond for a night of partying and dancing, by a pool! I’m happy to announce that we have some very exclusive content from that evening coming your way in the next week or so….all will be revealed in due course, but my advice is that you don’t want to miss it!

2. Freerunning

If our exploits in Barcelona weren’t already enough for those of you a little faint at heart, then look away now! No only joking, don’t look away!! This is the epitome of cool. The guys over at Swag Freerun made this awesome video below for us all to glare at in awe; the Freerunning specialists leaped, bounded and grappled across some rooftops in their hometown using some Lumia 800 phones. We massively approved the coolness of this video, but please don’t try any of this at home.


3. Egypt and the 808 PureView

I know everyone in the Nokia Connects office can’t wait to get their hands on the Nokia 808 PureView to get snapping away (I’m sure lots of you guys at home are the same and can’t wait to get your hands around 41MP). But until then, here is a little look at some lucky peeps over in Egypt who took the phone to the top of the largest free standing structure in their country, the Cairo Tower!

via Nokia Egypt

They were all playing with the phone as part of its launch conference and I have to say that some of the images taken using the 808 PureView (scroll right or left) from the top of the tower were pretty breathtaking. But you can make that judgement for yourselves….

4. #MusicWeek

via TechMissile

It was #MusicWeek on Nokia Connects between the 21st and 27th of May this month and we were busy drumming and strumming out musical magic for seven days. The special week included posts on how the internet can turn you into a rock star, music on mobile and five things you might not have known, our Nokia Connects Live podcasts on technology in music and video game sound design, a competition giving away a Nokia Lumia 610 and artist merchandise for Rizzle Kicks (see point 5 below for more info), plus lots lots more (**and breathe**).

We have lots more theme weeks like this coming up on Nokia Connects so make sure you join in the conversation @Nokia_Connects to see what’s coming up.

5. #MusicMania – lots more competitions to come!

Further to my explanation in point 4, I just wanted to let you all know that the Rizzle Kicks competition to win band merchandise and a Nokia Lumia 610 is by no means exclusive to #MusicWeek. I can confirm that for the next five weeks we will be giving away a Lumia 610 each week in association with a different artist or record label, check out #MusicMania on Twitter to take part or head to the blog every Friday to take part in the most recent competition.

There were 10 winners of our first competition with Rizzle Kicks, so well done to everyone who took part! The new Hot Chelle Rae competition is currently live, so head to Nokia Connects Creativity to take part.

Happy June everyone. Please do tell us about your favourite Nokia Connects activities for last month, plus start storing your favourites for June (like a squirrel storing nuts for winter) to tell me all about! You know where to chat to us: @Nokia_Connects.