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10 reasons we loved 2013

Written By published December 28, 2013

Happy Holidays everyone! It has been an amazing year with hundreds of highlights and we’ve made many, many new friends along the way. Here are some of our favourite moments!

1. Lumia 925 launch

Launching the Lumia 925 in London was loads of fun and we finally managed to crack low light photography for good. We also introduced new ways of capture images with Nokia Smart Cam with Action Shot, Motion Focus, Best Shot and more. It really has been a huge year for photography.



2. Action shot

One of our favourite Nokia Smart Cam modes and the one we’ve had the most fun with is action shot. We’ve also seen that you don’t necessarily have to take pictures of high flying daredevil stunts either, there’s so much to be done with this feature, it readily transforms your photos into something inspiring and different. Thanks to everybody who has been sending us their action shots and keep them coming, they’re awesome!

10 reasons we loved 2013
10 reasons we loved 2013

Above is an interesting Action Shot by Konrad, who took it from a moving vehicle (his band’s van no less) and just goes to show that being different and thinking outside of the box is a good thing!

3. Nokia Lumia Challenges

The challenges we set have been an amazing eye opener to how many smart, creative and dedicated people we have in this community. Whether the challenge was to run a collective marathon with an application or create amazing colour pop images, you wowed us every step of the way.

10 reasons we loved 2013Colour match

10 reasons we loved 2013Panorama

10 reasons we loved 2013Cinemagraph

4. Lumia 1020 launch – #ZoomReinvented

Launching the Lumia 1020 in New York rocked the world and we all saw the power of PureView technology first hand, literally reinventing mobile photography and zoom. We’ve seen countless amounts of stunning images and there are no doubt many more to come.



5. Fight Boredom

Here we celebrated fighting the mundane and got people motivated to do something different. Whether it was hamsters unboxing a Lumia 625 or a something seriously cool and dramatic, we welcomed all creative thinkers and had a blast along the way.

10 reasons we loved 2013


6. Nokia Connects MVC Award

This year saw the birth of the Nokia Connects MVC award and while it’s still in its infancy I guarantee there is more to come, stay tuned!


7. Nokia World 2013 Abu Dhabi

Nokia World 2013 was the crown jewel of Nokia events in 2013. Here we announced so many amazing products that we are nothing but proud. To do so in a country as beautiful as Abu Dhabi was simply amazing too.

10 reasons we loved 2013

8. Vine

What a thing to come to Lumia! So much fun can be had creating six second videos, and armed with the best imaging devices with such a creative bunch at our side, the sky is the limit, as has been illustrated recently in our Vine competition.

9. Instagram

We had a lot of fun with this one and involved all of you from the start. Months after we started sending our heartfelt images to Instagram with #2instawithlove the BETA app is now available in the store!

10 reasons we loved 2013

10. YOU

Finally what made 2013 so great is simple YOU. Everything we do would be nothing without all of your kind words, honest feedback and support. You participation in our events, competitions and activities is always massively appreciated and it brings a smile to everybody’s face. We are really looking forward to spending 2014 with you!

10 reasons we loved 2013

What was your favourite moment in 2013? Let us know in the comments section and our favourite stories and anecdotes will be rewarded with Nokia Connects stuff, such as T shirts, mugs, NFC pens etc!

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