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Surface at Dreamforce ’15

By Greg Davidson

We know from listening to Surface fans who are in field sales that finding the right tools to maximize productivity and increase engagement with customers can make all the difference, whether they’re visiting customers across town…or around the That’s why… Read more

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Surface Pro 3 – The Modern Legal Pad

By Luigi V. Monteleone

Law and technology share a lot in Both fields are constantly evolving, whether it’s another Proposition passed by the electorate and that new edition of the latest gadget, or an appellate decision that changes the way we approach certain investigative… Read more

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How to land a job with Lumia

By Microsoft Devices Team

Thinking of changing career, or looking to enter the workforce fresh out of University? Your Lumia has everything you need to help you get a First things first: You'll need a Without it, an employer won't know what you've achieved,… Read more