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Cortana: world traveler

By Microsoft Devices Team

As everyone’s favorite personal digital assistant debuts in new countries around the world, we find out how Cortana is being customized for each individual region and Cortana has been helping to manage the lives of Windows Phone users in select… Read more

How-To, Lumia

How to record your Windows Phone 8.1 screen

By Microsoft Devices Team

Taking a screenshot on your Lumia is relatively easy--simultaneously pressing the power key and volume up—but recording your screen requires a bit more Here’s how to do There are times when a simple screenshot just won’t For instance, you may… Read more


Capturing the Mexican Ring of Fire with Lumia 640 XL

By Stephen Alvarez

I am Stephen National Geographic photographer and Microsoft Devices For the past two years I’ve been photographing the Seven Natural Wonders of the World with Lumia This spring I traveled to Mexico to photograph the Paricutin volcano and the Mexican… Read more

For Business, Lumia, Surface

What is Office 365?

By Microsoft Devices Team

Whether you’re a student, executive, or an entrepreneur, Office 365 gives you the tools to create content, communicate and collaborate on any device, Here’s all you need to know about Office Available as a subscription service, Office 365 helps you… Read more