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A peek into the WebAssembly Browser Preview

By Limin Zhu

Following the introduction of , we have been working with other browser vendors including Mozilla, Google, Apple, along with the rest of the WebAssembly community group, to push the performance boundary of the web with WebAssembly is a new, portable,… Read more

Photo of a Surface Pro 3 attached to instantaneous power consumption equipment.
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Building a more power efficient browser

By Brandon Heenan

Today, Jason Weber shared a post on the Windows Experience Blog demonstrating the power efficiency of Microsoft Edge over other popular browsers on Windows With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we are hard at work pushing the envelope further, engineering… Read more


Putting Users in Control of Flash

By Microsoft Edge Team

One of our top priorities in building Edge has been that the web should be a dependably safe, performant, and reliable place for our To that end, we’re introducing a change to give users more control over the power and… Read more