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October 11, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Miss the photo op? These 2 camera settings can help

My phone is my camera, so I’m always looking for tricks for taking better photos. One often overlooked place to find them? Settings. Sure, Settings isn’t the sexiest part of Windows Phone. It can even be a little intimidating: I have one buddy who refuses to venture there out of fear he might permanently mess something up. But Settings really isn’t scary, and there’s secret gold buried in all those menus and switches. Here are two personal favorites for zippier picture taking in Windows Phone 7.5. To take advantage, flick left from Start, then tap Settings>Applications>Pictures + Camera and toggle the appropriate switch.

  • Constantly fumbling for your shutter button? In Windows Phone 7.5, you can now tap the screen to shoot pics.
  • Stop missing shots because your phone is asleep. Instead, make the camera button wake the phone so it’s easier to go from pocket to picture.
The Settings for Pictures + Camera include options for sharing, faster piture taking, and privacy.