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Data, insights and listening to improve the customer experience

By Mike Fortin, Rob Mauceri and Jane Liles

Measuring the quality of Windows is a complex undertaking that requires gathering a variety of diagnostic signals from millions of devices within the Windows The insights we derive from these signals are essential to our understanding of whether our customers,… Read more

Application compatibility in the Windows ecosystem

By Mike Fortin and Mete Goktepe

Our application ecosystem is incredibly diverse, encompassing tens of millions of applications (apps) with numerous versions, languages, architectures, services and configuration While our ecosystem is complex, our vision is All apps on Windows devices should just work! Customers should update… Read more

Driver quality in the Windows ecosystem

By Mike Fortin and Tom Frankum

Ensuring Windows 10 works great with all the devices and accessories our customers use is a top priority for our There are millions of configurations of hardware and driver combinations in the Windows ecosystem, allowing for great customer choice and… Read more

Windows monthly security and quality updates overview

By Mike Fortin

Today’s global cybersecurity threats are both dynamic and sophisticated, and new vulnerabilities are discovered almost every We focus on protecting customers from these security threats by providing security updates on a timely basis and with high   We strive to… Read more

Windows 10 Quality approach for a complex ecosystem

By Mike Fortin

Today we are re-releasing the October 2018 Update after pausing to investigate a small but serious   This is the first time in Windows 10’s “Windows as a Service” history that we have taken such an action, and as such it… Read more