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CES2014: Toshiba 4K Laptops Hands-On

By Gavin Gear

Just before CES 2014 started, Toshiba announced the world’s first 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160) These 4K Ultra HD laptops will be updated versions of the Satellite P50t, and the Tecra W50 mobile workstation and will be available These Windows… Read more

New Windows Devices Announced at CES

By Nick Parker

It’s great to kick off the new year at CES, with so much energy and excitement around the industry’s latest Microsoft’s marketing and employee presence at the show is supporting our partners in their product announcements on the Windows platform… Read more

What to Look Forward to in Windows 8.1

By Gavin Gear

Are you an enthusiast or power-user wondering what Windows has for you to look forward to? In this post I’ll give and overview of new features and improvements in Windows that will be of interest to PC gamers, makers, professional… Read more

4K Photo Editing on Windows 8 using Adobe Photoshop CS6

By Gavin Gear

At CES 2013 there were a lot of exciting 4K technology announcements including the Panasonic 20” 4K Windows 8 touch When you stop and think about how 4K display technology will impact photographers, it’s really In this post, I’ll give… Read more

Extreme 4K Multi-Mon Video Editing on Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

I am amazed by the image quality that’s possible with today’s 4K digital cinema It’s like watching full-res images from a DSLR playing back at 24 fps on the big screen, 4K footage is just Seeing 4K footage on the… Read more