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Spending time in the UK with my Sony VAIO SA

By Leigha Anderson

I wrote this blog post a few weeks ago while on a trip to the Enjoy! Greetings from a Eurostar train traveling from London to Paris at 300 I have been in London for the past few days visiting the… Read more

Win a new Hunger Games-themed PC or Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

Heading to the Hunger Games this weekend? Here are two good reasons to detour to your local Microsoft Store instead: You could win either a new District 12-decorated laptop or a new Windows It’s all part of a Smoked by… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: AMD’s new “APUs”

By Ben Rudolph

In today’s video Ryan and I dig into AMD’s new “APU” (short for Accelerated Processing Unit)   The short version of this is that AMD basically mashed together a high performance CPU and a high performance GPU into one tiny,… Read more

VIDEO: What makes a PC “commercial grade?”

By Ben Rudolph

Here on the Windows Experience Blog we spend most of our time talking about consumer But there’s a whole world of commercial grade hardware out there that are used by business professionals Lee Sabow, a colleague of mine who works… Read more

Inside the Indestructible World of Rugged PCs

By Ben Rudolph

Most PCs are built to They can take the occasional bump and bruise, a bit of water spilled across the keyboard, and some jostling in a But what if you need something sturdier? Something that can be dropped, soaked, or… Read more

PC Snapshot: Sony VAIO Y

By Ben Rudolph

One of the questions I get a lot is “Do you have a recommendation for a PC that’s light, small, cheap, looks great and has a long battery life?”  That may seem like a silly question – it kind of… Read more

PC Snapshot: Toshiba Satellite A665 3D

By Ben Rudolph

Heading back to school and looking for a laptop that’ll help you get your schoolwork done, but also help you shred the competition in your favorite online shooters?  Then you need to check out the Toshiba Satellite A665 A note… Read more