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Tip Tuesday: Posting to Facebook, hands free

By Andy Myers

Whenever I get a chance to show off Windows Phone to a friend, I usually start with speech It’s always a crowd pleaser, and it’s only gotten better in Windows Phone , which lets you compose, listen to, and send… Read more

Test Run: Most Popular Apps on Smartphones Today

By Andy Colley

In the past year, Windows Phone was among the fastest growing app catalogs in history (a close second to Apple in growth rate) and today features thousands of apps and games, including 90% of the most popular titles available on… Read more

Updates: Windows Phone 7.5 now available more broadly

By Eric Hautala

Hello When we kicked off the global rollout of Windows Phone , I told you we planned to balance quality with And for three weeks we’ve been watching quality while sending update notices to a growing fraction of It’s gone… Read more

Tip Tuesday: Extending your phone’s battery life

By Michael Stroh

One unintended consequence of all the great new features of Windows Phone is that I’m using my phone a lot And that means I’m burning through my battery a bit faster than I once Luckily, there’s a new feature of… Read more

Now in Marketplace: AccuWeather for Windows Phone 7.5

By Andy Colley

AccuWeather today announced a new version of its free Windows Phone weather app, which is available now and includes several tweaks to take advantage of new Windows Phone A few highlights: Provides current conditions for places you search for with… Read more

Updates: Now delivering to the HTC HD7S

By Eric Hautala

Hi A quick addendum to yesterday’s post: We’ve just started delivering Windows Phone updates to the the HTC HD7S on AT& If you have any questions about how to install or manually check for an update, please visit Update I… Read more

Updates: Now delivering to Omnia 7 on SFR

By Eric Hautala

Hi The rollout of Windows Phone continues, and we’re seeing solid uptake   Today we’ve added a new handset to the delivery pool: the Samsung Omnia 7 on SFR in Otherwise, there are no other changes to We’re still distributing… Read more