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Popular apps come to Windows 8

By Steve Guggenheimer

Hey Steve Guggenheimer here, Chief Evangelist for Windows and your host for the Build conference next We’re only one week until Build and we’re really looking forward to getting together with developers in San Francisco to talk apps, code, industry… Read more

Windows 8 at 90 days: Q&A with Tami Reller

By Brandon LeBlanc

As we’ve said on many occasions, Windows 8 represents a big, ambitious change for Windows and for We built Windows 8 for the next generation of computing – setting out to eliminate the boundary between PCs and And we’re just… Read more

Windows 8 – 40 Million Licenses Sold

By Brandon LeBlanc

As we pass the one month anniversary of the general availability of Windows 8, we are pleased to announce that to-date Microsoft has sold 40 million Windows 8 Tami Reller shared this news with industry and financial analysts, investors and… Read more

21 days and counting…

By Brandon LeBlanc

In just 21 days, Windows 8 will be available to people And we’re excited! To celebrate, we have several events taking place in cities all around the Just a few weeks ago, we held a coding marathon with developers in… Read more

400 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today during the Day 1 keynote of our annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Steve Ballmer revealed that Windows 7 has officially sold 400 million licenses Our previous statement of 7 copies of Windows 7 sold a second continues to hold… Read more

Windows 7 at 18 Months

By Brandon LeBlanc

18 months ago to this day was when we launched Windows 7 and with that we’ve hit another important milestone: we are pleased to announce that Windows 7 has sold more than 350 million The momentum we’ve seen and continue… Read more