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Shazam for Windows 10 Home Screen

All-New Shazam for Windows 10

By Piotr Bar

Shazam has just released a new update for Windows 10, now available to download for free from the Windows Shazam for Windows 10 Home Screen Shazam is best known as a pioneer in music-recognition technology, but over the past few… Read more

Sing along with the new Shazam on your Windows Phone

By The Windows Team

Shazam for Windows Phone received a cool new update this week, bringing you an exciting new feature that goes beyond just giving you the name of the song you’re listening  You can now sing along to the beat of your favorite songs… Read more

App roundup: Turn it up! Music apps to rock out to

By Kirsten Ballweg

Hi, my name is Kirsten, and I’m a writer at My work days are filled with writing, meetings, and getting coffee in the lunch But after hours, I swap out my mouse and keyboard for my bass, my guitar, and… Read more