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10 things you didn’t know your Lumia could do

By Michael Stroh

There’s a new poll out hinting that many people flocking to Windows Phone and handsets like the new Nokia Lumia 900 are former Apple and Android (Can’t say I’m totally ) If you are a proud new Lumia owner—or just… Read more

Weekend project: Create a family calendar

By Juliette Guilbert

Who’s picking the kids up? When’s that dinner party? When were you planning to tell me that you’re going on a month-long business trip to Asia? Ah, the family Except in our case, it was calendars, plural—and therein lay the… Read more

New phone? Here’s 50 tips for having fun

By Michael Stroh

Happy 2012, If you unwrapped a new Windows Phone for the holiday, we’ve just published a big fat list of great tips and time-savers on the official Windows Phone website you might want to check You’ll find shortcuts for clearing… Read more

One minute a day to pick up daily Windows tips

By Paul Donnelly

I’ve said before how it’s great to get to work with enthusiastic people who know tons about Recently I heard about one of those people sharing some great tips with everyone else in a really clever   Michel Martin has… Read more

The science behind the Windows Phone keyboard

By Michael Stroh

You knew the Windows Phone on-screen keyboard was good—some reviewers even call it the best of any But you probably didn’t know just how much brainpower went into The keyboard was a collaboration between Windows Phone engineers and scientists at… Read more

My 3 favorite tips for Internet Explorer Mobile

By The Windows Phone Team

[This is the first in an occasional series of tips and tricks from the engineers who create Windows ] One question I frequently get from people when they learn I work on Windows Phone is, “What’s your favorite feature?” I… Read more

Windows 7 SP1 Follow-up

By Brandon LeBlanc

Starting today, MSDN and TechNet Subscribers as well as Volume License customers will be able to download Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Next week on February 22nd, everybody else will be able to download… Read more