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Windows Phone Twitter contest starts today!

By Brian Seitz

And the hits keep coming! Today we are kicking off a Twitter contest so go follow for details, and for your chance to win exciting Official terms and conditions below for aspiring legal types out ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MICROSOFT WINDOWS PHONE SWEEPSTAKES… Read more

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat: Microsoft Hardware

By Kristina Libby

Some of you might not be aware that Microsoft makes its own We aim to fix that in tomorrow’s #win7tech chat by talking about all the latest and greatest hardware created by the Microsoft Hardware Some of it is really… Read more

Tweet-ness! How Twitter works in Mango

By Andy Myers

As an active Twitter user on the Windows Phone team, I was excited when I first learned that Twitter integration was coming to our But I admit I was also We’ve had great Facebook integration for a while now, but… Read more

Live Twitter Chats

By Kristina Libby

We know you have a lot of questions and ideas about Windows 7, Windows 7 PCs, Windows Live and We see the comments in the blog posts, via tweets and in our day to day conversations with people all around… Read more

Calling all Tweeples!

By Kristina Libby

Have you been caught in a spring cleaning funk? No worries, Windows Live Hotmail is here to solve your problems and give you a few freebies along the Jen Singer of and Hotmail are hosting a Twitter Party on April… Read more

Accelerating the Windows Phone Ecosystem

By Andy Lees

This year has been one of significant change for the mobile We are moving from a battle of devices to one of What is required to build and maintain a vibrant ecosystem is broad - defined by the relationship between… Read more