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Markup webpages in Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 Tip: Write on the web with Microsoft Edge

By Elana Pidgeon

Did you know you can write directly on webpages in Microsoft Edge and easily save or share what you've marked up with friends and colleagues? Microsoft Edge is the only browser with the built-in functionality that lets you take notes,… Read more

Updates to the Action Center

Windows 10 Tip: Updates to the action center

By Elana Pidgeon

Did you know that you have an action center that lets you monitor and interact with notifications and settings? And did you also know that it recently got an upgrade with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Here’s what’s new with… Read more

Homepage of the Windows Store

Windows 10 Tip: A closer look at the Windows Store

By Elana Pidgeon

What do you call a place that has the latest movies, TV, music, apps and games? The Windows Store of course! With the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update the Windows Store is better than Today, we’re giving you a quick… Read more

Cortana above the lockscreen in Windows 10

Windows 10 Tip: Use Cortana above your lock screen

By Elana Pidgeon

Happy Monday, everyone! In last week’s Windows 10 Tip, we showed you how to get started with Microsoft Edge Cortana allows you to perform tasks including set timers, track flights or even check the traffic, just using your  And now, with the… Read more

Microsoft Edge extensions

Windows 10 Tip: Get started with Microsoft Edge extensions

By Elana Pidgeon

Happy Monday, everyone! In our first Windows 10 Tip last week, we shared the dark theme personalization Today, we’re going to show you how you can personalize your browsing experience with a great new feature in the Windows 10 Anniversary… Read more