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Weekend project: Create a family calendar

By Juliette Guilbert

Who’s picking the kids up? When’s that dinner party? When were you planning to tell me that you’re going on a month-long business trip to Asia? Ah, the family Except in our case, it was calendars, plural—and therein lay the… Read more

New maintenance release for Windows Phone

By Eric Hautala

Happy New Year, Today I wanted to briefly tell you about a new Windows Phone update we’ve started to roll I also wanted to let you know about some update-related changes coming on the Windows Phone blog and This week… Read more

Pinworthy: Apps for planes, trains, and automobiles

By Andy Colley

In case you haven’t seen it, Planes, Trains & Automobiles is a classic holiday comedy about the misadventures of Neal Page and Dell Griffith (played by Steve Martin and John Candy) as they struggle to make it home for I… Read more

Buy a new Windows Phone, get $25 worth of apps

By Michael Stroh

Pssst! Pass it on: Through the end of the year, we’re giving a prepaid $25 app card to anybody who buys one of the great new Windows Phones now on The prepaid card makes it easy to jump start a… Read more

Updates: Now delivering to Samsung Focus 1.4

By Eric Hautala

Hello Busy week—here’s what’s going on: We’re now sending out Windows Phone updates to customers with Samsung Focus phones on AT& We’re also scheduling the update for Samsung Omnia 7 owners on Telefonica in Expect us to expedite the scheduling… Read more