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Scaling Windows Phone, evolving Windows 8

By Joe Belfiore

A lot of you folks know me as “the Windows Phone ” Over the past five years I’ve been co-managing the Windows Phone product team on a mission to make Windows Phone a delightful and successful Recently my job changed… Read more

5 ways a new mom uses Windows to stay sane

By Anna Brinkmann

The most challenging part of being a new mom for me has been juggling all the new, extra details in my I still have to work and take care of myself—and I’d like to stay in touch with friends—but now… Read more

DIY: Create a fun Facebook profile pic for President’s Day

By Kirsten Ballweg

Here in the United States it’s Presidents It’s a national holiday celebrating the birth of George Washington (and, since his birthday is also in February, Abraham Lincoln was added on to the party by several states). You can celebrate the… Read more

This Valentine’s Day, are you a Harry or a Romeo?

By Amanda Epley

Valentine's Day is coming up, and the pressure is officially on to impress your sweetheart with tokens of your eternal and undying Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get those creative juices Find out which on-screen… Read more

How Microsoft celebrates the Seahawks

By Michael Stroh

What happens when the world’s biggest software company meets the world’s most famous football game? On Friday afternoon, folks in Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group—which includes Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, and more—gathered for a massive pep rally to cheer on the… Read more

Top 5 tweaks to make Windows 8.1 feel more familiar

By Kirsten Ballweg

Let’s face it: Windows looks a whole lot different than Windows 7 or Windows I mean, the desktop we all know and love is still there (awesome!) but the Start screen can take some time to get used And I… Read more

My Favorite Windows & Windows Phone Apps #1

By Brandon LeBlanc

I am often asked what my favorite apps are for Windows and Windows So I thought I’d put together a blog post highlighting some of my favorite apps in response to that I’m always playing with apps on my Windows… Read more