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Nokia N900

GLOBAL – We’ve had a phenomenal response to our polls over the past year, notching up tens of thousands of votes with many sparking healthy discussions. So thank you to all of you who’ve voted and left your opinion in our digital ballot boxes in 2009, and for commenting in your droves to help guide us towards the best possible poll topics and the areas for examination that are of most interest to you. We’ve run a marathon number of polls over the last 12 months, so here’s our top 10 polls, ordered by popularity.

Nokia N9001) What extra functionality would you most like to see in the Nokia N900?


Our most popular poll of 2009 saw us ask you What extra functionality would you most like to see in the Nokia N900? The response was astonishing, with 5,220 votes cast and 12 per cent wishing to see the N900 running everything in portrait mode. Poll participators were also keen on the idea of the N900 making nice with MMS, and exploring its app and gaming skills. We duly delivered in our N900 video extravaganza showing you heaps of smart stuff fueled by your recommendations.

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Nokia-Booklet-3G-closed2) Nokia World 09 – what’s your favourite product from the show?

Nokia World 2009 saw some great devices unveiled for the first time, and saw us get hands-on with some breakthrough new products. Fresh arrivals included the Nokia N97 Mini, the capacitive touchscreen-toting Nokia X6, the Nokia X3 and the Nokia Booklet 3G. But it was the N900 that Conversations readers fancied most. Of 2,677 voters a landslide 68 per cent of you voted Nokia’s first Maemo powered phone as your favourite product from the show.

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Nokia N973) Nokia N97 – what’s your favourite feature?

We’re sure you’ll agree, the Nokia N97 packs plenty of features. Little wonder then that choosing between them proved a near-impossible task for Nokia Conversations readers. Unable to choose, 37 per cent of voters ticked the “All of the above” option, followed by 20 per cent for its 3.5-inch touchscreen, 17 per cent opted for its QWERTY keyboard and 12 per cent chose its 32GB of built-in storage as their favourite feature.

See which N97 features you thought were best

Nokia N-Gage4) What’s the most important feature in a mobile gaming device?

Our third most popular poll had us turn our attentions to another shared passion. Gaming. With all mobile games now in one place on the Ovi Store there’s exciting times ahead for Nokia gamers. But what makes a great mobile gaming device? Great graphics and sound, according to you guys. You like your games to look polished, with an excellent aural experience to match, and who are we to disagree? Now at year’s end we’re expecting games on Nokia devices to look better than ever in 2010. You only need to see how games already perform on the N900 to see just what we mean.

Check out what you thought makes a great mobile gaming device

Software update5) What do you expect from a software update?

Out of the box all Nokia handsets are fully-featured but a quick software update can transform your device. It’s certainly what you had in mind when we asked what you expect from a software update, with 27 per cent of you expecting future updates to add new features, followed by fixing bugs and improving the speed of your handset.

Read about the results and to see what else users expect from a software update

Twittix6) What is your favourite S60 Twitter app?

Like us, it seems Nokia Conversations readers have caught the Twitter bug. Back in May we asked you to spill the beans on your favourite S60 Twitter app. S60 Twitter app Gravity ran away with the lead, grabbing 43 per cent of the vote. We can see why, with its smooth, fast, accessible interface and superb usability.

View the results, and see which other Twitter apps you voted for

Nokia 12807) What are the most important features in a low-cost phone for emerging markets?

November saw the launch of the cheapest Nokia device ever – the €20 Nokia 1280. The thrifty handset for developing markets might not offer the high-end tech talents of more cutting-edge models but it still managed to push the boundaries of what can be achieved, without sacrificing a handset’s most important use as a reliable communications device.

As well as an FM radio, torch and clock it boasted a respectable 22 days of standby and 8.5 hours of talktime. It’s nice to know you think Nokia got its priorities right. When asked, 49 per cent of voters told us that battery life was the most important feature in a low-cost phone for emerging markets. However you do like to be entertained, 11 per cent of you went for an FM radio, followed by a flashlight 8 per cent of the vote.

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Ovi Store8) What was the best Nokia product or service from Mobile World Congress?

We asked you to vote for your favourite Mobile World Congress announcement. Naturally there was plenty to choose from, with fresh-faced handsets such as the Nokia E75, N86 8MP, to services such as the Ovi Store and Skype and Nokia. You had to have a favourite though. The Ovi Store nailed it, capturing 21 per cent of the vote. The mobile app store narrowly beat off competition from the Nokia E55 and N86 8MP (19 per cent each).

See which Mobile World Congress products and services were your favourite

Nokia N9009) What’s your favourite N900 video so far?

By mid December we’d been playing extensively with our most talked-about device of 2009 in our exciting 30-day video exploration of the Nokia 900. It was time to ask “What’s your favourite N900 video so far?” You voted in your hundreds to crown our ‘Broadcasting live streaming video with QIK’ our top N900 video – the app that lets you record and stream video to the Internet in an instant. It nabbed a full 20 per cent of the vote.

In second place came ‘Multi-tasking pub window showdown’ with 16 per cent – we challenged our many-windowed local pub to a face-off with the N900. It’s 22 windows were no match for the multitasking skills of the N900.

Your third favourite video as voted by 10 per cent of box-tickers was also one of our most creative yet. Our ‘Stop motion mini movie battery test’ revealed the N900 to have a marathon battery life, able to snap 213 photos and still have three quarters of its battery life intact.

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The eco phone poll had saw us asking you what the most feature is in an environmentally-friendly handset10) Eco phones – what do you think is most important?

A milestone in Nokia Conversations history. Our first ever poll. As you’ll already know these polls have been essential in helping us to understand how you guys feel about the matters that are most important to you. So it was fitting that our first poll addressed something that matters to all of us – sustainability.

We started off by asking you what the most important feature in an eco phone was, resulting in a near dead heat between natural power and recyclable materials. Recyclable materials edged it with 26 per cent of the vote, a single percentage point over its nearest rival.

View the eco phone poll results

So there you have it. The top polls of 2009. We hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane, it certainly gave us food for thought over Christmas. And now here’s to a poll-packed 2010. As ever leave your comments and suggestions on what polls you’d like to see us run over the coming year.