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November 4, 2011

Nokia: 10 cool things that happened in October

What a huge month we’ve just had. Potentially one of our busiest to date. Nokia World 2011 may have stolen the headlines this month but there was plenty more going on around the globe for us to talk about. For example, have you ever wanted to use your phone to find out what your brain says about you or have you ever seen a human being with a mobile phone built into their arm? Don’t worry – we’ve got it all covered!

You wont be surprise to see that Nokia World 2011 is up as our first cool highlight of October. We saw the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 handsets, as well as the Asha series; which aims to blur the line between feature and smartphones.

Up next in our October highlights is one ELLE of a winner. You may remember Nokia joining forces with ELLE Magazine back in June 2011 to find a Nokia Style Correspondent. Eight finalists were sent to New York Fashion Week back in September with the task of reporting on as much of the event as possible on their Nokia N8, before uploading their report onto their own blog. This month the overall winner was announced and we are happy to congratulate Barbro Anderson for her fantastic reporting skills (Here are her ‘Molome Moments’ from NYFW). Barbro will feature in Januarys issue of ELLE Magazine and is the new Nokia Style Correspondent so keep a look out for her!

Our hero of the month award goes to Trevor Prideaux. If you missed our post about this ground breaking guy from last week then make sure you check it out.

Above: Trevor Prideaux. Picture courtesy of Herald Sun

This Nokia ‘Amazing Everyday’ video seems to be everywhere at the moment. It is a real work of art. As mentioned in one of our previous posts, make sure you look out for the baseball player! Heres an idea. Why not look deeper into your everyday routines and tell us about those amazing moments you may usually overlook. We want to hear about all of those personal sparks of brilliance @Nokia_Connects. Feel free to post videos, photos or just write short anecdotes.

The product video below is the personification of cool. Introducing the Nokia Kinetic, a concept phone that you wont have to worry about dropping, snapping, crushing or melting (OK, maybe not the last one). The phone has a unique flexible functionality that enables users to bend and twist it like a piece of rubber. We would love to see how this phone eventually gets on in ‘Will It Blend’ – not many products make it out in one piece!

Here is a real no brainer for our cool stuff this month. The world’s first mobile phone brain scanner for the Nokia N900 has been developed by a team at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). With this product they aim to teach people how to scan their own brains and interpret the data. The handset will currently set you back a cool $300 bucks – would be good to see what the stress receptors in your brain think about that price!

Above: Arek Stopcynzki

We hopped down to the London Design Centre for this next beauty. In the glorious midst of Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf sat the Nokia ‘Products That Changed The World’ Design Exhibition. It was here that the true history of the Nokia handset unfolded in front of our very eyes. Have a look at some of the Nokia phones of yesterday and today on display at the exhibition below. The postcode for the Design Centre is SE1 2YD, why don’t you try and find it on Nokia Maps?

Photo courtesy of Nokia

Here is our cool music entry for the month of October. Nokia asked fans to re-create the famous Nokia Tune. There were 6,238 entries from 70 countries and over 166,000 people voted for their favourite. Here is Valerio Alessandro Sizzi’s winning tune that will be available on over 100 million devices! He was the first contestant to collect 1,000 likes on his Facebook page for this dubstep remix.

Video courtesy of Zavsegday

You will be glad to hear that the Angry Birds app makes its way to all S40 devices. This doesn’t make us angry, this makes us very happy!

Picture courtesy of SymbianTweet

Finally, we thought we would look closer at that amazing baseball bat trick from the ‘Amazing Everyday’ Nokia promo. Have a look at the behind the scenes footage of the shoot below.

See you next month as we take a look at everything snazzy thats happened in November! If you don’t know what Movember is yet then check it out, a great charity for guys (and girls) to participate with in November.