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January 18, 2012

Weekly regional spotlight: Finland

Ahhhh, there’s no place like home. Like a travelling teenager the regional spotlight heads back to its family this week for a nice warm meal and a chat about the exciting stuff coming out of Finland.

via Nokia Conversations

Luckily for us the regional spotlight is only dropping in to Finland for a short while. Next week it will be packing its bags again and travelling to Canada, but for now he can tell mother and father spotlight about his adventures in Germany, the UK, Lebanon and Jordan, the Philippines, India and the USA!

Now what is the last thing you would expect extreme sports enthusiasts to be doing in the middle of winter in Finland?

Don’t worry I’ll tell you….surfing!?

At -6°C this may not appeal to many people, but apparently the middle of winter is actually the best time to go surfing in Finland. Nokia sponsored the making of Finnsurf to celebrate this unlikely winter sport (the world’s first Finnish surf film).

via Pablo Films 

Next up is some slightly warmer news from Las Vegas. Finland-based Nokia CEO Stephen Elop took a trip to Vegas last week for the launch of the Lumia 900 at CES.

Nokia Conversations managed to grab him for a quick interview about the launch of the Lumia 900 in the USA.

Here is what he had to say when he was asked about the best piece of advice he’s been given since joining Nokia?:

“When I started at Nokia, I asked employees three questions – what should I change, what shouldn’t I change and what might I miss.

“They said it was important to reach out to employees and understand what is happening in the field.

“That advice is what led us here today.”

Moving swiftly on, I wanted to show you all something that is hot off the press from Finland. We were blown away by this tweet today. Here is a majestic photo by Sara Näse from Helsinki (taken with her Lumia 800).

Juho Ruohola (from Pori, Finland) rightly pointed out above that this image is perfect for our #amazingbackground Twitter competition @Nokia _Connects. If any more of our Finnish friends would like to participate please don’t hesitate to send in your amazing backgrounds using the Hash Tag above. Great work Sara!

Finally, on the subject of competitions, I would like to draw your attention to our recent Nokia Community Awards on Nokia Connects. We gave you all the opportunity to select a new Nokia ambassador to represent the Nokia community and the largest percentage of the votes went to Jay Montano! Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Finland? Well the prize awarded to Jay included a trip to Finland for a fun-filled weekend….

via Nokia Community Awards

Congratulations to Jay and we hope you all enjoyed this week’s regional spotlight for Finland. Have you got any Nokia-related stories for us from Finland? Then please let us know @Nokia_Connects.