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January 20, 2012

NokiaTube: where in the world?

I’ve scouted Nokia Spain and The Nokia Blog this week for NokiaTube. From España I will show you how Nokia are helping people see their amazing city and the guys at TNB will demonstrate the app Pano; a handy tool for taking panoramic photos.

The Nokia Blog

We start today at The Nokia Blog, the first non-country specific NokiaTube content we’ve shown to you since this feature started. Previously we’ve covered video content from FrancePolandRomaniaSouth AfricaGermanyIndonesiaIndia (twice) and Croatia (**Pause for breath**).

The Nokia Blog guys brought my attention to Pano this week. Pano is an award winning photography app that helps Lumia users to capture panoramic photos. You can capture up to 16 photos at once, helping you form your perfect panoramic shot. Mark Guim suggests in the video that he only likes to take three or four photos to build his panoramic view though. Why don’t you test out the app and show us some of the photos you have captured?

The app is available from Windows Phone Marketplace and according to The Nokia Blog has these features:

– Simple, easy to use interface
– Ability to take 360-degree panoramic photos with up to sixteen shots
– Handy semi-transparent guide helps you line up each shot perfectly
– Advanced alignment, blending and colour-correction algorithms provide seamless images in just seconds
– Finished panos save directly to your device
– Panos can be resumed if interrupted

Nokia Spain

Hola! A special event occurred in Madrid recently to celebrate the Amazing Everyday Lumia 800 launch. The ‘Amazing City’ (Amazing Ciudad) event was created by Nokia to help ordinary people on the streets of Madrid to discover the secrets of the city they live in.

Everyone was invited and the event led lots of people to shops and areas of the city they may have never known about. This video follows the idea from conception at Nokia HQ Spain to delivery and it looks like there was a pretty sweet ending for some of the recipients!

We love video video video, so if you’ve seen anything Nokia related on YouTube recently then please let us know below or @Nokia_Connects.