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March 18, 2012

Top 5 comments on Nokia Connects this week

It’s estimated that we’ve been writing for nearly 8000 years. Thankfully, here at Nokia Connects, we didn’t had to wait that long for our latest batch of insightful comments. This week, we’ve been bombarded with your thoughts on everything from the best phone form factors to Nokia’s history in the USA. Here’s our five top picks of the last seven days.

The Big Debate: Form factor

As you’d expect from the big debate, there were plenty of opinions about the best form for phones and how they’d change in the future. One comment that we found most interesting, though, was about the present.  Thanks Al Pavangkanan for sharing this insight into how they do things in Japan.

 Flip phones are still popular in Japan since number pads mix well with their writing language. Their flip phones have huge, high-res screens and cameras on par with Nokia’s offerings.


Nokia Lumia 900. Your questions answered

Our virtual Q&A on the Nokia Lumia 900 produced a ton of questions and even more comments. One that made us beam with pride came from first time reader, Prasenjit Bistue.

Hi, first reading of Nokia connects is awesome… I am a Nokia fan boy and I love Nokia …. but there are so many cluttered sites with more gossip than facts and so for real news and latest info I come to Nokia Conversations, Nokia Connects and All about symbian…
just think abt this interview in other sites the guys will put their spicy news in the interviews try and create new meanings… oh lumia to get 41 Mp etc etc… but here u get true news


Future Tech: Wireless everything?

In our future tech feature, we talked about the possibility of a future without a tangle of wires. It’s something that pretty much everyone lusts after and as you’d expect prompted some interesting discussion. C334S painted a wonderful picture of what a wireless future might mean for us all.

 Wirelessly linking your phone to a display with NFC!
Then you could walk up to any display, tap it and view documents, presentations, games etc in large format.
The natural extension is then tap your phone to the screen, keyboard, and mouse and your phone is the computer.

Windows could do this well! There could be the Windows Phone user experience on the phone, then when hooked up to a decent sized screen it would have the full Windows experience.


All American! 10 things you didn’t know about Nokia in the USA.

The US is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world. No wonder, then, that Nokia is launching the Nokia Lumia 900 there first. But it’s not a Nokia comeback. The company already has a long American history. Our list of facts got some great feedback, so much so that two comments make this week’s top five. First, Nick Bentley told us why he wanted a “bigger is better” Nokia Lumia 900 in the UK.

Why can’t we have bigger and better in the UK. I’m trialling the Lumia800 for Nokia UK and I have to say I love the design, but one thing I will say is it’s way too small. The keypad is annoyingly small and I have to say it’s not as usable as an iphone. Having said that it is a gorgeous piece of tech, well designed and has some great features. Bring us the UK version of the 900 and I might consider it!

Then Andy Hagon gave us a much appreciated thumbs up.

I’m really enjoying this new resurgence of both marketing and customer connection – I feel the company has never been more friendly and informative. Just take this very site (what was it before, WomWorld or something as oddly named) and now people are starting to see Nokia, not for the fusty old impenetrable way it was until recent years, but as a fresh, bright, inviting company who actually WANT to listen to their customers and enthusiasts, and not shut them out like a bunch of weirdo train spotters!

Plus the new phones they’ve released in the last year or so say it all really, the Nokia N9 (an off-the-chart gorgeous piece of kit), the Lumia range and the Asha range all spell quality, they’re different from the immense ocean of drudgery black and grey slabs from other manufacturers, and the marketing is super cool. I hope Nokia continue to barge their way back into America, making as much noise as they can, and giving us USA consumers more of a choice from what has become “one or the other” pretty much. And Nokia Connects is a great way for us to, well, CONNECT!

A big thanks to everyone who commented this week. It’s you that make Nokia Connects so special. If you want to join our growing list of top commentators, why not get started right now, by sharing your thoughts here or @Nokia_Connects.