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All about plug-ins for Windows Media Center

By Pete Brown

One of the great benefits of the community of enthusiasts that has grown around Windows Media Center is the number of plug-ins developed to enhance the experience in Plug-ins (also called addins, and lately even apps) bring new information and… Read more

Revision3 Releases Plugin for Windows Media Center

By Brandon LeBlanc

Revision3 has released a plugin for Windows Media Center making all their shows available to watch directly within Windows Media Revision3 can be described as a television network for the They produce all-original episodic shows available online via Some of… Read more

Windows Enthusiast Meet-up in Houston on November 30th

By Brandon LeBlanc

I am posting this on behalf of Wendy Stidmon, a Program Manager on the Windows PC Ecosystem Wendy does enthusiast engagement – which means her job is to interact with folks like She and I thought we’d pass along some… Read more

Welcome to the Extreme Windows Blog

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today we are launching a new blog called Extreme As you know (or don’t know) The Windows Blog is a network or family of blogs that together tell the company’s Windows story across different audiences spanning Windows, Windows Live, Internet… Read more