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The Amazing Everything Nokia Lumia

We’re now in the final month of 2011 and before we fully embrace what is to come in an exciting 2012, we take a moment to reflect on what was a great November. It was great for a number of reasons, 10 to be precise, and we’ve listed them all for you below. So, sit back, relax and enjoy all the cool things you may have missed in the last 30 days.

As usual there has been a huge amount of stuff going on and it’s a tricky task trying to whittle down all the amazing things that have been happening in the Nokia neighbourhood over the past month. From the delectable Deadmau5 to the Nokia Human Form concept phonepuppet masters and Mapstronauts we’ve been kept busy, busy, busy!

1. We start with my one of my all time favourite ‘cool things’. Whilst it’s still very much fresh in everyone’s minds, it seems fitting to document Nokia’s recent celebration of the Lumia 800. This consisted of an incredible 4D video installation that was projected across the face of the 120m high Millbank Tower in London, with world famous DJ Deadmau5 headlining the event. Prior to event kicking off we witnessed 15,000 spectators lining up and waiting on the North and South Bank of The River Thames for the 30 minute extravanganza of images and slick beats to begin.

2. In keeping with such futuristic dimensions and visual splendour, it would be plain rude to ignore the Nokia Human Form, a Nokia concept that explores the extraordinary possibilites of future mobile phone design.  For anyone who enjoys a glimpse into the echelons of technological wizardry and all things gadgetry then this may be of particular interest to you.

Human Form

via mobigyaan 

3. November also witnessed coverage of the world’s lightest ever material, an exciting story for technology in general, not to mention the potential capabilities for the mobile phone world. We were all thoroughly excited by the news and the sheer awesomeness of this new stuff – so much so in fact, that you may want to keep your eyes open for something on this coming very soon.

World's Lightest Material

4. While we have our crystal balls out gazing into the future, our feature on mobile technology in the year 10,000 gave us a nice view insight into how you, the community, think phones will develop. From telepathy to Ghostbusters, this article made for a very entertaining read indeed.


5. Who could forget the launch of the Nokia Mapstronaut either? Embarking on his debut voyage, we sent our very own space man on his debut voyage around Europe earlier this month to plant the Nokia flag in destinations that we asked you to select yourselves. Touching down in Rome, Berlin and London, our Mapstronaut visited a whole host of famous landmarks and cultural centres that you were in full control of. In his next voyage he’ll be going even further afield, so watch this space. Nokia Mapstronaut

6. Angry Birds fans, we bet you were licking your lips at the news of an Angry Birds cook book. Only recently released, we headed down to a Nokia showcase of ‘Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes‘. Celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, who was in charge of all the recipes (below) was there in person to introduce it himself.Angry Birds

7. It’s not every month you can make reference to a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt either. In fact, make that two Guinness World Record attempts. November was the month that Nokia ambassador Patrick Walsh tried his hand at a couple of them – all within 24 hours! Not bad eh? All he needed was two Nokia N9 phones and a Ferris wheel. Easy. Patrick set out to complete two records; one was for spending the longest continual amount of time on a Ferris wheel and the other was for the most photographs taken in 24 hours.

8. Lots of interactive stuff went down last month. We invited everyone to come up with an awesome idea for something we could do with a Lumia 800 handset to show to the community, with our Nokia Puppets post. We’ve picked our favourite and will be sharing the results shortly.

9. We couldn’t not mention a birthday in our summary. Yes, the Nokia Research Department reached the grand old quarterly milestone that is 25 this November. Take a look at some of the achievements 25 years of passion have bought us.

10. Last but by no means least, our post Tips for giving your Nokia the care and attention it deserves. We outlined some core rules to abide by in order to give your phone the very best in terms of looking after and maintaining it. See if you can add to the list!

Nokia Phone in Rice

That’s our cool list for November, we hope you enjoyed it! If you think you’ve got a cooler list than we have, then we would love you to get in touch @Nokia_Connects.