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January 31, 2012

10 cool things that happened in January

Time really does fly by, we are already a month into 2012! Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten anything, I’ve been collecting a few time flies in my net this month and now I’m willing to share them with you like a generous spider. It’s time to get reflective in the January web of everything Nokia Connects…

1. Here was one of our favourite Nokia stories this month (this list is in no particular order by the way!). Back at the start of Jan we witnessed Matjaz Klemencic putting his N8 through a challenge not fit for those scared of heights. He accidentally dropped his N8 from a 50 metre sky dive, along with his wallet.

Not only did he manage to find both of them in the 20km squared radius below (thanks to a little help), but the N8 was still working perfectly! Talk about durability. Some of you may remember Matjaz’s winning N8 producers entry? This guy is a sky dreamer….

via Matjaz

2. Those of you watching CES 2012 with bated breath would have noticed that not only was the Nokia Lumia 900 launched at the event but the phone also walked away with…..

  • CNet’s “Best of CES” smartphone.
  • Popular Mechanics editor’s choice award for CES.
  • Popular Science “Product of the Future”.

We took some of the community members on a whirl wind trip whilst we were there and captured the geeky fire in their eyes for several posts on Nokia Connects. They got to see the launch of the Lumia 900 at CES, went on the Flightlinez in the desert, hit up the rollercoaster at the New York New York Hotel and received some personalised gifts.

via Nokia

3. We’ve all been there, your mobile phone goes off at the wrong time and you sit there red faced scrambling to pick it up. We didn’t see the perpetrator in this isolated case, but we could certainly see the effects of not putting the phone on silent! What a fantastic response from the violist…


4. We stumbled across a mammoth N9 review called ‘Nokia N9 takes over my soul and my heart’ this month from self-proclaimed technology addict and sports car driver Jerko. If you ever wanted to see a comprehensive dissection of the N9 then this is it.

5. Were you one of the lucky 50 competition winners to take part in the Nokia India Amazing Everyday party in the sky? Nokia India partnered up with Jet Airways and chartered a big Lumia branded Boeing 737-800 to fly 50 competition winners to Mumbai where they got the chance to meet Bollywood celebrities Tisca Chopra, Meiyang Chang, Rajat Barmecha and Manasvi Mamgain (who was Miss India World 2012). Also onboard was stand-up comedian Papa CJ. Here are tech bloggers Aatif Sumar, Clinton Jeff and Apurva aka Unitechy trying out a new look!

via worldofphones

6. Aptly at number six is the fact that we acquired 6 million Facebook likes this month! Here is a little image update we put together to say thank you.

Bring on 7 million, we are currently pretty close to locking down the next million – if you’ve not done so already why not drop in with a like?

7. Have you tried to film the moon through your phone yet? Props to Michael Ouzounian for this piece of N8 filming that can only be described as out of this world, because it really is from out of this world! The moon landing may have been a fake (Gasp…did I just say that!?) but there is no disputing how genuine this footage is, shot straight through his AP Starfire telescope. We found another moon/N8 video of a similar calibre a day later from theycallthislife and rightly favourited it on our global YouTube channel. To infinity and beyond guys…

8. This month we launched our new feature for Monday mornings, entitled – Make Me Smile Monday. I must say Tom.H has found some pretty cool stuff over the past few weeks so make sure you take time out of your busy lives to have a glance, or even an indulgent gander, it really depends how you are feeling. Here is one of my favourite finds from this weekly feature – a year in the life of a girl called Madeline – Tom this made me smile buddy:

via hey_rabbit 

9. We also launched the ‘Amazing Everyday Challenge’ this month on Nokia Connects.  We are giving you the chance to win Nokia Purity In-Ear Headsets each week during the four week challenge. The competition is now going into the final week so make sure you check out what the weekly theme will be later today. Here are our winners from week one and week two for you to check out. Our overall winner will have their photo/video published on global Facebook/YouTube. See all the entries in the posts above or search for #NokiaChallenge on Twitter.

10. Finally, we couldn’t sign off January without saying Happy Chinese New Year! The first day of the Chinese Year 4710 fell on Jan 23rd. As it is the year of the Water Dragon I expect to see dragon’s featuring heavily in everything coming out of China in 2012. Have you seen anyone using the imagery of a dragon for anything recently? Let us know @Nokia_Connects