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February 1, 2012

Weekly regional spotlight: The Levant

I want to focus on some natural beauty this week. Whilst browsing the Nokia Iraq, Syria and Jordan Facebook pages recently I couldn’t help but notice some of the great natural photography captured by Nokia users. So let’s celebrate some of the best pics from the Levant region in our weekly regional spotlight on Nokia Connects.

 via Nokia Jordan

It’s been a while since we went back to nature here on Nokia Connects. When was the last time you left the city and headed for the country to take in the grass roots? Those of you living in the country already have a slight advantage over those of us in the city who rarely come into contact with some of the delights below.

Here is a vibrant image of a Grasshopper from Goran Jallal in Iraq. Shot on his N8:

via Nokia Iraq

Here is a bee without the birds from MG Ghannam in Syria. Shot on his N82:

via Nokia Syria

Now you don’t go back to nature just to take pics of insects, it’s all about the great views and tranquil surroundings. So here are a few peaceful landscape pictures to chill you out!

This waterside wonder was taken by أحباب الروح at the Euphrates River in Iraq. The N73 picked up the water, land and sky with great clarity in this photo.

via Nokia Iraq

Brrrr. This frosty scene was taken in Jordan, somebody get that flower a winter jacket! This photo was taken by Abed Sako and his N8. Abed also took a snowy picture of his back garden.

 via Nokia Jordan

It’s time for me to make like a tree and leave because the sun is going down. I hope the Levant region has inspired you to get out there and be at one with nature again. If you work in a concrete playground you should try heading out at lunch to shoot some beautiful photos in a city park?

Or alternatively you could try and see the city from above:

 via Nokia Jordan

Feeling inspired? Hit us up with some of your nature photos @Nokia_Connects. While I’ve got your attention you should also check out all of our other regional spotlight posts for CanadaIndia, the USA, Germany, the UKFinlandLebanon/Jordan and the Philippines.