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Nokia Connects 2012

There is no time like the present, especially if you are part of the Nokia Connects family! So why not gather round with your virtual peers to celebrate a great year of participation for Nokia Connects.  

Here are just some of our highlights from 2012 – and remember that without you, none of this would have been possible:

Nokia Connects GO!

We introduced NC GO! in 2012 as a way for you guys at home to show us the skills that pay your bills using a Lumia phone. Since the launch we’ve been sent a truck load of cool videos and photos, so here are just a couple of our favourites.

Jacob Spera + a Lumia 900 + a unicycle = a talented guy, pulling off some incredible tricks down a huge hill whilst capturing the whole thing on his Lumia 900.

Also, how could we forget the fusion-of-illusion by the Maine based art duo Casual Arcane. They really blew our minds as the real life walking/talking optical illusionists!  

The deadmau5 ‘This is Lumia’ event

The half man half mau5 is a legend and his Nokia shows leave you feeling very bitter. Bitter that you can’t lead his life! We went down to see his 2012 show with a crew of Nokia Connects community members in tow.

He had to produce a big event to compete with last year’s effort!

Minecraft Lumia 920

Our good friend Gokuroyu (aka Darek) took 14 days to complete this Lumia 920 build in Minecraft. A prime example of the depths our community members went to for the love of Nokia in 2012.

We thought it was only right that Darek came in for an interview.

Cardboard Challenge

Probably the best competition on Nokia Connects this year! Blow the worlds of cardboard and Nokia together and what do you get?

#NokiaCardboardChallenge entry

That’s right. A whole world of community creativity!

#NokiaCardboardChallenge entry

Have you heard about our latest #NokiaPaperChallenge competition (running as you read this)?

AK47 Vs Lumia 920

We’ve seen some impressive stress tests this year, but this video took things to a whole different level.

Lumia 820 reviews

Here are some of our favourite Lumia 820 reviews from this year.

Lumia 820

NokiaLVK competition

Last, but not least, we have some highlights from our recent LeiVanKash fashion competition, we can’t wait for the bespoke jewelery making video in January!

Angela from Korean Doll blew us away with her DIY jewellery skills and showed us how to hand craft your own earrings and necklace. For budding designers, check it out!

The winner who will be joining us in London is the amazing Sonya from Class is Eternal. Sonya’s video captured the true essence of the quest, taking the LVK collection, Skullmania, and showing us her style inspirations. Here is the winning video… 

So, that’s it for 2012. What did you love on Nokia Connects this year? What have we missed out? There was so much to choose from, so this is your opportunity to highlight even more great events, photos, competition entries and general Nokia love below in the comments section or @Nokia_Connects.

Bring on 2013!