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February 8, 2012

Weekly regional spotlight: Bangladesh and Pakistan

The spotlight heads to check out Bangladesh and Pakistan this week on Nokia Connects. We want to highlight some of the dedicated community work that never goes unnoticed. We have already covered India is this weekly feature, so now it’s time to say hello to their neighbours!

via techdude2121


Top of our spotlight list for Bangladesh is techdude2121 from MobileGeekBangladesh. He put together a superb Nokia N9 review mid-way through last month and it really caught my eye. Thorough isn’t even the word…

He highlighted some of the awards that the N9 received in 2011, which included; ‘Best Design’, ‘Best Camera’ and ‘Best Mobile of the Year 2011’ at the Swedish Mobile Awards 2011.

He tended to agree with the accolades and took a liking to the phones polycarbonate body:

‘The polycarbonate uni-body design of the N9 gives it godlike beauty and sexiness, which has captured eyes all around the world. The polycarbonate body is not painted, it is the color of the material itself so you don’t have to worry about loss of paint as the years pass by. Very sensible material to choose for a device that is likely to wear its beauty for years to come.’

via MobileGeekBangladesh

He moved on to talk about Nokia Drive and the Music Player on the N9, here is one of the first reviews we’ve ever seen shot in the dark, works surprisingly well. Also, whilst checking out his YouTube page I noticed some footage of street life in Bangladesh, shot on the N9. Would love to try some of that street food!

via techdude2121

Thanks for a comprehensive N9 review techdude2121, according to your Twitter page you are ‘trying to live the dream in the real world’. Keep living the dream buddy!


I am jumping over to Pakistan now. I wanted to draw your attention to SenseApplied. The blog that is managed by Farhan, a good friend of Nokia Connects. He recently travelled to Thailand on holiday with his family and took his N8 with him. At the start of the holiday he started using his DSLR camera but then decided that the N8 was a better option:

‘At the beginning of my holiday I had my DSLR on my neck , playing all touristy but by the end of 2nd day I had enough of it as I was taking more pics from my N8 and the video it was making was amazing . Besides, people get a little uneasy when you point a DSLR towards them, point a phone cam and they don’t mind at all.’

I have to admit these are some of the best holiday photos I think I’ve seen on Nokia Connects. His children even bumped into Nicolas Cage whilst they were away, he looks a bit lifeless though 😉

via Fantaz 

via Fantaz 

Elsewhere on SenseApplied, Farhan picked up on the polycarbonate form of our recent handsets, just like techdude2121 at the top; but this time he cited the design of the Lumia 800 in his ‘Nokia Lumia 800 – Walk Around and First Impressions‘.

He also picked up on the fact that we have now sold over 1.5 Billion S40 devices, the 15,000,000,000th was bought by Mayara Rodrigues in Sao Paulo.

Over to TechProlonged now. At the end of January KA picked up on Snake 97 for Windows Phone, the new game that brings the old classic back to life, in its original form. The game is available to try or buy from Marketplace.

via TechProlonged

As soon as we announced the Nokia Belle update, he picked it up. This was posted yesterday, talk about quick reactions! He has some useful tips for the software update but here is a nice easy viewing video just in-case you missed the announcement.

We’ve touched on both Pakistan and Bangladesh this week but are you aware that we may have already travelled to your country? Well our other regional spotlights include CanadaIndia, the USAGermany, Levant, the UKFinlandLebanon/Jordan and the Philippines. Take a look at the above and let me know if you want us to head over to your country, squeeze your thoughts into 140 characters @Nokia_Connects or inform me below.

Have a great day.